Author AI Empowering Published Authors to Optimize Earnings with AI

Brad Anderson
#ai#private-ai#copyright ai’s innovative AI features offer your readers a dialogic AI experience with you and your written works! Fru expands your influence by facilitating generative AI content based on your literary work. Unlike the massive AI platforms that capitalize on your data without giving you a penny, we aim to help you earn revenue from your written works using AI. Yes, we want you to earn more money off the work that you’ve done with AI.

In addition to this, we enhance the income you earn from your prior publications. It’s not alien to know that for many authors, the majority of revenues from their books are from sales and if you’re very lucky getting optioned for other mediums. Consequently, your valuable works lay idle, not reaping the income they should. Hence, steps in by providing a new revenue stream. AI-Driven Revenue Generation While Protecting Your Copyrights is a novel platform designed to disrupt the revenue mechanics for published authors. With, writers can derive income from their previous books, opening up a considerable passive income prospect. This is made viable by’s unique AI capabilities that let your readers have a generative AI chat with you!

Begin an AI Revenue Stream with facilitates you to generate AI revenue off your written work.

Getting Started On

Setting up on is extraordinarily easy. Here’s how you kick off:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up with Stripe.
  3. Create a Private Project.
  4. Convert the Private Project into a “Shared” Project.

Once it becomes shared, you start generating income from it.

Then you can start distributing your page and see your older literary work generate revenue.

Optimize Your Earnings with offers not only an effortless way to earn from your previous publications but also enhances your readers’ experience. To optimize your revenues, you can publicise your AI in your future books and in your book descriptions. The more generative chats that occur, the more you earn. is the first solution for published authors intending to maximize their income through AI. By reviving both new and older content and establishing a direct payment scheme for usage, escalates the earning potential for published authors. Why let your precious work lay idle or get exploited by other AI bots when it can still be a treasure trove? Get on board with today and unlock the full potential for your written work!

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