Disparate Data AI Combine Disparate Data with AI

Brad Anderson
#ai#private-ai#disparate ai Using AI to combine disparate data to analyze and interact with the included information.

Introducing AI Revenue Generation While Leveraging Your Copyrights is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the revenue dynamics for YouTube creators. By leveraging, creators can earn revenue from their previous videos, unlocking a substantial passive income stream. This is possible thanks to’s unique AI features that enable your subscribers to have generative AI chat with you!

Getting Set Up On to Combine Disparate Data

Setting up on is remarkably simple. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up with Stripe.
  3. Create a Private Project.
  4. Turn the Private Project into a “Shared” Project. Once it’s shared you start to earn revenue Start sharing your page and watch your older video content begin to generate revenue

Types of Data you Can Combine with AI

We’re able to process many data types. The best format is longer form content. These are typically pdf, doc, docx, text, etc. We can also process excel and other spreadsheet types.

Combining the various data types to analyze and interact with is easy with’s AI. It only takes a few minutes to upload data and then you’re able to have generative AI chats with your disparate data types in one chatbox.

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