Confidential GPT4 chat

Ben Smith

Harness Confidential GPT-4 Chats with Public Domain Data using while not exposing your inputs. The problem with all but the highest level of OpenAI’s Enterprise ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 interactions is that your inputs are used to improve their models. The result is your inputs can be found with well crafted requests. At Fru, we enable you and others at your company, to have confidential GPT4 chats that are not added to the public domain. Use Case: Confidential Planning for Product Launches

A typical use case that we see with Fru’s confidential GPT4 is planning for new product launches. These AI chats should not end up in the public name. If you use OpenAI’s chat features they are then in the public domain. For example, if you go to OpenAI and type in “tell me a good product name for a new dog collar” the results help train OpenAI’s model which are then available for anyone else to find. This is a classic example of the type of AI chat that you don’t want out in the public domain. Use Case: Sensitive Business Strategy

Confidential GPT-4 chat could be used to facilitate sensitive business communication, ensuring the confidentiality of strategies, financial details, or the executive-level discussions. For example, discussing EBITDA adjustments based on research tax credits for a technology company with X in R&D spending and EBITDA of Y. Throw in some priority data, new clients and government contracts and you have a confidentiality issue with your interactions with ChatGPT. keeps these interactions private.

Confidential GPT-4 chat can be used to take a first crack at a potential legal issue. For example, understanding the high level issue that is presenting and providing outlines for how to work with your attorneys. AI certainly should not be used in place of a lawyer. Instead, AI can make those that need lawyers understand the true issue at play and provide ideas on how to solve it. Use Case: Personal Assistance

As a personal assistant, a confidential GPT-4 chat can handle sensitive tasks such as setting appointments, managing email, or handling other private information of the user.

Fair and Flexible Pricing’s pay-per-use pricing model is designed to make its innovative AI chat bot services accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Users only pay when they use, ensuring that they get the best value for their money. With no hidden fees or subscription commitments, is a cost-effective solution for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking quality AI chat bot services. Confidential GPT4 for you and your business

Fru’s Confidential GPT4 gives you and your business a method to have confidential AI chats without exposing priority data. By instructing all of your employees to utilize Fru’s service you are creating a policy that ensures data security and integrity.

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